Friday 19 May

Anshu Jamsenpa, Furi Sherpa and Karma Sherpa left Base Camp at 2 am for Camp 2. They plan to summit on Sunday the 21st. This will potentially be Anshu’s 5th summit, Furi’s 7th summit and Karma’s 2nd summit. Best of luck, and please stay strong, focused and safe.

We have just heard that Neil Ward and Tendi Sherpa are safely at Camp 3. They had a little difficulty finding their tent, but they are pitched, comfortable and warm. Tomorrow they will move up to the South Col, with the intention of summiting on Sunday. The attached pics depict their climb up the Lhotse Face and Camp 3.

These three have now arrived at Camp 2. 

Saturday 20 May

We are very excited to announce that Neil Ward, Anshu Jamsenpa, Tendi Sherpa, Furi Sherpa and Karma Sherpa have arrived safely at the South Col. They will rest for the next five hours before starting their summit push. We are watching the weather forecasts extremely closely, but right now it is looking fantastic and all looks good for successful summits. Rest well team and keep us posted.

Sunday 21 May

Good news! Anshu Jamsenpa, Furi Sherpa and Karma Sherpa summited about 45 minutes ago. This is Anshu’s 5th summit and the highest number of summits by any Indian female ever. It’s also her second summit this season. Congratulations to Anshu, Furi and Karma!

We are extremely proud of you. Neil and Tendi decided to stay at th

e South Col and not to push, because of the wind. They will reconsider their options later today.


Tuesday 23 May

Unfortunately Neil Ward and Tendi Sherpa decided to turn around at the South Col. They made their way safely down to Base Camp. Anshu Jamsenpa, Furi Sherpa and Karma Sherpa should reach Base Camp later today and then the big pack-up begins. Congratulations to everyone for a safe and successful expedition!