17 May

We are excited to announce that Neil Ward and Tendi Sherpa will leave Base Camp in the early hours of tomorrow morning to start their push to the summit of Everest and to the summit of Lhotse. They will spend tomorrow night at Camp 2, then move up to Camp 3, before climbing up to the South Col for the first of their two summits. We are right behind you guys, and wish you all the courage and strength in your endeavours. Stay strong and be safe.

18 May – Everest 2017 Camp 2

Neil and Tendi made it through the Ice Fall and up to Camp 2 this morning in just under 6 hours. That is climbing 1,200 vertical meters and covering about 10 kilometers, all at above 6,000 metres! Very impressive.
Neil said he was a little tired, but at that pace, I don’t blame him. They will rest at Everest 2017 Camp 2Camp 2 tonight and move up to Camp 3 tomorrow. According to Neil, it is blowing on the summit, but that should abate.
This pic shows the views that he and Tendi are enjoying right now and, of course, Nima, our Camp 2 cook, who has been there for a number of weeks looking after our team. He is an an absolute stalwart and completely dependable. Thank you Nima, for looking after our climbers. Without you it would be almost impossible.