21 April

It has started snowing here in Base Camp and the forecast seems to indicate that this will continue for the next 48 hours. Neil will come down from Camp 2 tomorrow and the rest of the team will consolidate here in BC. We hope to see that summit soon!

22 April

We had a fair bit of snow last night, with a little more expected over the weekend. A team of trekkers from the Philippines joined us in BC last night. None of them had ever seen snow before. They were so excited and thoroughly enjoyed their visit.

23 April

Neil arrived back in Base Camp yesterday after spending one night at Camp 1 and two nights at Camp 2. He is in great spirits. Four of our Sherpas left BC at 1:30 this morning and deposited a few loads at Camp 2, and another two of our team members will leave at 2 am tomorrow for their first serious push through the Ice Fall. A huge thanks to our Sherpas, and good luck to our fellow team mates.

24 April

Early this morning, two Sherpas got injured in the Ice Fall. They were immediately brought back down to Base Camp, and then flown by chopper to Kathmandu. We are yet to hear the outcome of their injuries. Our two team members turned around on their way into the Ice Fall and made their way back to camp. The route was fixed soon thereafter. We have another climber going up to Camp 1 tomorrow and our Sherpas prepared to assist with her first rotation. The rest of the day was spent chilling.

25 April

This morning one of our team members left Base Camp at 3 am, accompanied by four of our Sherpas. She climbed through the Khumbu Ice Fall to Camp One. She will spend the night with one of our Sherpas, while the other three will set up Camp Two. On a sadder note, two of our team members decided that their expedition was over and they flew out of Base Camp this morning to Kathmandu by helicopter. Strength and courage to everyone on their respective missions.

30 April

The last few days days have been exciting for our climbers on Everest. Anshu, who had spent some time at Camp 2, ascended the Lhotse Face and touched Camp 3. This almost completes her acclimatization. Two days ago, Neil moved through the Khumbu Ice Fall with Tendi Sherpa to Camp 2. They both felt strong. Neil, who is attempting Lhotse without oxygen, will sleep at Camp 3 in the next few days and then deposit a load at the high camp on Lhotse, which is situated around 7,900 metres. We will keep you posted with the progress of Neil and Anshu. This pic of the Khumbu Ice Fall was taken by our Sirdar, Lhakpa Rangdu Sherpa. Thank you Lhakpa for sharing these with us.

2 May

The Adventures Global team have completed their acclimatization and now await that first weather window. Neil slept at Camp 3 two nights ago and dropped some gear higher up on Lhotse the day after, and Anshu is currently resting in BC. The winds have been strong, but should start dropping towards the end of the week. Exciting times. We will keep you posted.

6 May

The winds on Everest are starting to abate and we should see our first few summits in the next couple of days. In the meantime, Neil and Anshu have been resting and getting ready for their respective pushes. Our thoughts are constantly with them.
It is important for everyone that has been following our expedition to know that Ronnie and Elizabeth are no longer in Base Camp. They trekked out some days ago, but continue to monitor the progress of their remaining climbers, who are completely self-sufficient and only require the help of our extremely competent Sirdar and team of very experienced Sherpas. This is a long story, so if anyone really wants to know the details of this decision, please send AG a private message and we will respond accordingly. However, they are both healthy and well and currently in Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. Namaste to one and all!

8 May

The Adventures Global team are preparing for their first summit pushes. Neil is climbing Lhotse without oxygen and he is now waiting for the last of the fixed lines to be put in place. Once that climb is completed, he will drop down to BC for some rest, before attempting Everest without oxygen. Anshu hopes to summit Everest twice this season and should leave Base Camp in the next few days. All the teams are watching the weather forecasts and we should see the first summits of the season in the next few days.

12 May

Nine Sherpas have finally reached the summit of Everest on the North Side. They are the first to have summited Everest this climbing season. Congratulations guys. Lets hope that the route can now be opened on the South Side.

15 May

Finally the route is open. Good luck to everyone queuing up at the South Col. Be filled with courage as you head off on your summit push tonight!

Today, 16 May

We are very excited and proud to announce that Anshu Jamsenpa and Furi Sherpa stood on the summit of Everest at 09:15 this morning! Congratulations guys, and now for a safe descent.