12 April
This morning we all managed to grab a shower in Base Camp. Our first in over four days – what a pleasure! We also managed to get our internet connected, so we are all good to go and connected.

13 April
Today some of our Sherpa team started packing for their first load carry to Camp 2 next week.

14 April
Good morning Everest Base Camp! Today the team are making their way up to the high camp on Pumori, to aid their acclimatization. Good luck guys.

15 April
We had about 10 centimetres of snow last night. How quickly the weather can change here at the base of the highest mountain in the world! After breakfast, Neil, Lhakpa and Ronnie attended a meeting to discuss the rope fixing on the mountain. The Ministry have allowed that all rope and hardware be airlifted to Camp 2. This minimizes the hazardous load carries by the Sherpa’s through the Ice Fall. All of this equipment was flown by chopper two days ago, so the rope fixing above Camp 2 will commence in the next few days. This is great news.

16 April
Last night the wind absolutely pumped in Base Camp, which made sleeping rather challenging, but this did not prevent various teams from moving through the Ice Fall up to Camp 1 early this morning. We will spend a relaxing day in BC in anticipation of our Puja Ceremony tomorrow morning.

17 April
After an extremely windy night, we all got up early to take part in our Puja Ceremony. Part of the proceedings were conducted in our lounge tent because of the windy conditions and then we all moved outside to raise the prayer flags above our camp. The Puja Ceremony is very important to our Sherpa team. Equipment is blessed and we ask for safe passage on the mountain. Our team is now at liberty to proceed through the Ice Fall and onto the higher reaches of the mountain.
After our Puja Ceremony we had breakfast, and then went into the Ice Fall to sharpen up on some of our ladder crossing skills, as well as our abseiling. All in all, a very productive day.

18 April
Ronnie Muhl has had the privilege of climbing with Nima Nuru Sherpa on more than one occasion now. He is an outstanding mountaineer, who has summited Everest 20 times. The current record held by Apa Sherpa is 21 and it would not surprise us if Nima did not attempt two summits this season. He joined us at our Puja Ceremony yesterday. Congratulations Nima on an exceptional climbing career to date. At your age, I think you are just starting to warm up. We will watch your mountaineering progress with keen interest. Ronnie is proud to have climbed with you and we are honored to be associated with you.

20 April
Our Sherpa team left early yesterday morning to drop loads at Camp 2. They all moved incredibly well, with most of them being back in BC by mid morning. Neil moved up to Camp 1 to spend the night, before heading up to Camp 2 for two nights. We then had a horse visit us before attending our neighbours’ Puja Ceremony hosted by Sirdar Nima Nuru Sherpa. Elizabeth finally arrived in BC. How nice to have her join us. What an amazing day.