Avalanche near Camp 1 kills a number of Sherpas

Everest-2014-AvalancheIt seems extremely insignificant to report that yesterday the team climbed up to the Base Camp of Pumori (5700m) as part of their acclimatization process, when right now there is a major rescue taking place on the slopes of Everest. At about 6 am this morning, an avalanche killed a number of Sherpa climbers and injured several more. An early report from the radios that are being manned by our Sirdar and Base Camp manager would seem to indicate that many more Sherpas are dead, than are currently being reported by the world’s press. I am reluctant to share that number, until we have clarity on this issue. I am very pleased to report that all of our team are safe. There are a number of helicopters doing some incredible work right now and I will keep you posted with news as the day unfolds.
Our condolences go out to those Sherpa families that have been affected by this tragedy so far.

Update 1:
The helicopter pilots who are involved in ferrying the bodies of those who unfortunately did not survive the avalanche, are remarkable. These bodies are being deposited just 50 metres from our campsite and at the time of writing this post, 8 have been dropped off so far. This is a very sad day.

Update 2:
As I write this post, 12 bodies have been retrieved from the Icefall and dropped off in Base Camp. There are still Sherpas missing. This is undoubtedly the worst tragedy to have ever hit Everest in all of Her climbing history.

‘Casualty count is increasing: 6 died, 9 missing,’ from Alan Arnette’s blog. Read the full report here.