Today the team take a little break, taking the opportunity to get in a short acclimatisation walk and some all-important laundry! Tomorrow they head into the upper reaches of the Khumbu Valley. Base Camp is looming closer as the excitement builds.

We arrived in Dingboche at 4,400 meters, just in time for social hour and a few games of cards, followed by a delicious dinner by the yak-dung fire burning stove, and lots of laughs before bed. We awoke to a winter-like wonderland of a snow-blanketed valley, and went on an acclimatization hikeup a cliff wall to about 4,650 meters. Tomorrow we are off to Lobouche, located at 4,900. All are getting stronger and feeling good, with the exception of a runny tummy, but we hope to all be on trek tomorrow. We are having the time of our lives!! ~Adventures Global Facebook post by Betsy Bool