Kili July 2011 | Summit success!

The team left the Outward Bound School Hut on Saturday morning at 7.35 am and moved up to Gilman’s Point. The climbing on the scree slope was tough, but the team made good progress and reached the summit at 1.25 pm. It was fantastic to have the summit to ourselves....

Kili July 2011 | Outward Bound

Today the Adventures Global team climbed up to the Outward Bound School Hut once more where we spent the night. The weather has been fantastic and besides a few headaches, everyone is doing well. We look forward to the next stage of our adventure.

Kili July 2011 | Third Cave

Today the team climbed up to Third Cave at 3900 metres where we will spend the night. After a short rest, we climbed up to the Outward Bound School Hut at 4790 metres for some additional acclimatisation. Everyone did well and all are feeling good.

The next Kilimanjaro Trek begins

The Adventures Global team has arrived safely. Yesterday we did a walk through the Marangu farmlands, had lunch at our lead guide’s home then visited the local market. Everyone slept well after our welcome dinner. Today we began our hike through the rain forest. Watch...