Sunday 8 January

Ac2017D?_02The Adventures Global Aconcagua team met up in Mendoza on Friday. Yesterday they drove down to Penitentes and spent the night. This morning they will drive to Puente del Inca, before setting eyes on Aconcagua for the first time. Tomorrow morning, they will start their trek into Base Camp.

Monday 9 January

The team left Penitentes this morning and set off on their three-day trek into Plaza Argentina (Base Camp). Tonight they will camp at Pampa de Lenas (2950 metres), where the muleteers will prepare dinner for them. Their exciting journey is unfolding!

Tuesday 10 January

Today the Adventures Global team trekked from Pampa de Lenas to Casa de Piedra (3240 metres).The journey took about six hours. Tomorrow they will trek to Base Camp where we will get more information on how everyone is doing.

Thursday 12 January

Ac2017D?_11Yesterday the Adventures Global team left Casa de Piedra for Base Camp. They crossed the Vacas River early in the morning on the back of mules, and then made their way up the steep Relicho Slope before crossing another river. They could see Aconcagua in the distance, always looming. They arrived after about six hours of trekking. Today they will take time to settle into Plaza Argentina (4200 metres) and rest. If the weather plays along, they will do a load carry to Camp One tomorrow.

Sunday 15 January

Ac2017D?_15The Adventures Global Aconcagua team settled into Base Camp and, after some rest, did a load carry to Camp One, at 5000 metres. Right now we are not sure whether they have already moved to Camp One, but we will confirm this as soon as we hear from our local logistics. The attached pics depict some of the terrain they would have endured. We will report back soon.