What Adventures Global offers

Adventures Global offers a wide variety of adventure activities around the world, with everything from gentler trekking trails for beginners or those looking for an introductory experience, to more challenging adventures and the seven summits expeditions around the world.

Whether looking to take your school-going child on the adventure of a lifetime before they fly the nest, celebrating a landmark birthday by ticking something off your Bucket List, or looking to take the boardroom to the mountain, Adventures Global has just the activity, and destination, for you!


Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Vinson, Antarctica

Carstensz Pyramid, Indonesia; Everest North Side, Tibet; Cho Oyu, Tibet

Mt Kosciusko, New South Wales

Elbrus, Russia

Everest South Side, Nepal; Annapurna Sanctuary, Nepal; Annapurna Circuit, Nepal; Everest Base Camp, Nepal

North America
Denali, Alaska

South America
Machu Picchu, Peru; Aconcagua, Argentina


still the best way to see the world, from the comfort of your own two feet! There’s nothing quite like swinging a backpack onto your back and putting one foot in front of another as you take in the breathtaking scenery and meet local people along lesser-trodden paths. Whether tackling the Inca Trail in Peru, exploring the Himalayas along the path to Everest Base Camp or while on the Annapurna Circuit, or even heading to Australia to tackle Mt Kosciusko – our trekking adventures will give you a new lease on life and memories to last a lifetime!

Seven Summits

The highest peaks of the seven continents, these mountains remain top of many people’s Bucket Lists. If any (or all) of the seven summits are on your radar, chat to us about how best to go about summiting each one. Our many years of expertise include helping people from around the world break World Records and, more importantly, arrive back home safely. Our focus is on reasonable and responsible climbing, while giving you access to the best resources and quality experiences while doing so.

Women’s Adventures

We’ve seen it all, best friends travelling together, groups of friends celebrating a 40th, women emerging from a divorce and looking to find themselves again, and over 55’s determined to live life to the full now that their children have left home. We like nothing more than arranging dream adventures for clients – chat to us today about YOUR ideas. We have some exciting suggestions!

Over 55 Adventures

Some of our favourite memories involve clients that would never have imagined trekking into Everest Base Camp or arriving at Machu Picchu on their own two feet. That feeling of elation coupled with a sense of “I can’t believe I just did that!” is something we never grow tired of. If you can walk comfortably for a few hours and are relatively fit, we can suggest some magnificent adventures for you!


Looking for something a little more challenging? Leverage our mountain expertise to help you get up your mountain of choice! There’s no mountain too big or to small that we aren’t willing to help you tackle – and who knows, you might soon be keen to give those Seven Summits a try!

School Tours

Give your senior school children the experience of a lifetime. Not only will they travel to magnificent and breath-taking parts of the world, but they will also learn to tap into pools of inner strength they never knew they had. We have years of experience taking a variety of scholars and their parents to Everest Base Camp and Elbrus – with remarkable stories following in their wake. This is your chance to cement your relationship and create magical memories with a child before they leave for college. Not to mention providing them with a vital view of the world (and themselves) before they make life decisions about their future careers, life partners and location in which to live.

Family Trips

See the world in a whole new light, head along lesser-trodden paths and meet incredible people that you wouldn’t ordinarily experience on more traditional “tourist” holidays. This is a time to head away from the pull of technology, spend time together, create memories you will never forget, and give your children the gift of adventure. It will change your idea of “family holidays” forever!


We’ll take your Boardroom to the Mountain! No sit down meetings required, let the magic of the Himalayas do their thing and experience first hand the ideas, strategies and clarity of thought you will gain as a result. Not to mention the cohesiveness your team will achieve. This is one of Adventures Global’s exciting new offerings – chat to us today about the various options and dates that are available.